Why I Interview

Sharing the good news using people's popularity:

Glowing transparent cyan blue heart that says 'The gospel is the good news!'

Interviews are on purpose.

  • Interviews get viewers.

  • Interviews share popularity with both sources.

  • Interviews create interest.

Some interviewers defame.

  • Interviews can ruin reputation.

  • Interviewers can be deceitful.

  • Interviews can have favorable moments removed to make someone look worse.

Don't settle for less.
You have authentic control of your content.

  • You don't have to accept the gospel to be interviewed. Your interview gathers an audience for the gospel.

  • Interviews are only shared when we both agree what parts should be shared.

  • No money is made from interviews. I don't accept donations.

  • At any time, your request to have your interview removed will happen.

  • This interview is your work, it's your interview... but you agree to release all copyright from it.
    This interview is your art, and not legally my art unless required by law.
    These interviews have no copyright. This site also has no copyright.